Monthly Newsletter

Once a month I will be sending out a “Best of the Month” retrospective newsletter.  On the first of each month you would get in your inbox:

  • A brief paragraph outlining what stood out to me thematically that month;
  • The three titles which struck me as being particularly special in some fashion with a brief (2-3 sentence) explanation of why;
  • A list with links of all the books reviewed that month.  I will note which ones are picture books and which are for older children.

I will possibly include some other book news or ideas for what might be coming up in the following month, or notice of special events such as book giveaways or contests.

To be absolutely clear: I would only send this out monthly, on the first of the month, to geek out a bit about children’s books.  Your inbox would be safe from any kind of spamming, and I would never share your email address.  The aim here is only to share a kind of summary of great moments in contemporary children’s literature and to give you an easy way to find which books appeal to you.

If you wish to sign up for this newsletter, please go here or email me directly at with any questions!