Here Babies, There Babies in Summer (postcard review)

Well, now. I couldn’t well resist giving you a postcard when I got the loveliest bit of mail today! You all know how much I always loved Here Babies, There Babies by my good friend Nancy Cohen and illustrator Carmen Mok (who’s got a lot of fine books out there right now– check out Percy’s Museum by Sara O’Leary with her art!). I knew Nancy and Carmen were teaming up for a new book on the same theme, but wasn’t it a lovely surprise when a copy landed at my house, signed to my own new baby, ready to take on summer? Well, he’s definitely not a fan of summer, if we’re honest: he’s got good Canadian blood, he was born in November, and he’s completely opposed to this whole “hot weather” business. But here’s a book to teach him how to find cool fun in the warm sun– even if he and I still grumble about the hot sun!

In Here Babies, There Babies in Summer, you and your babies can have the same cuddly, bouncy experience, but figure out what to do in sultry weather: do you want to build a sandcastle (or maybe squash one?), play at the park, get that first taste of delicious ice cream, or snuggle up to your parents in a sleeping bag on a campground?

As in the first book, the star is the light touch in words and art as Nancy and Carmen bounce around with fun, diverse babies doing everything a baby loves to do! My favourite bit? The description of going up in a swing!

Babies at the playground, learning how to fly

Sailing swiftly through the air,

Toes touching the sky.

I’ll let you get the book to see Carmen’s pictures for that scene…

Huge thanks for the bookmail treat– and I want everyone to count this as a recommendation for a good summery treat for the babies and toddlers in your lives as we reconnect with families and friends post-vaccinations!

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