Terrible timing, retimed (Good Creature giveaways, take two)

Hey, remember that time I decided to hold a giveaway for a wonderful author’s wonderful books right before the end of 2020? I remember thinking it would be a chance to wind down 2020 gracefully. We’d think of a world beyond the immediate trauma, think about growing and changing! We’d give to charities to end the year! We’d think of creating a better future!

So, yeah, then… then… I don’t want to think about it all, but, well, between the tensions surrounding the election (note by delicate periphrasis, isn’t it nice?), many people’s depleted financial resources (so much with the delicate), and then, in January, the ACTUAL INSURRECTION AT THE CAPITOL (well, there goes my elegant periphrasis, sorry, it was nice while it lasted), I don’t think many people had what it took (either in dollars or neurons or anything else) to think about the future while the present was so precarious. Timing was off, let’s just say.

Now here we are, a few days from Valentine’s Day, and I want to try again. I know we’re not completely out of the hole, but I, for one, am feeling better about looking at the big picture. I’m feeling cautious optimism. I’m thinking… maybe we can think about Being Good Creatures again?

So let’s try again! The rules are the same: Donate at least $10 to the charity of your choice below, and be entered to win a great book! New deadline is DONATE BY FEBRUARY 19 and I will mail your book the followng week! I will, as always, ship worldwide. Full details:

To win Becoming a Good Creature, please donate to Sleepy Burrows Wombat Sanctuary near Gundaroo in Australia; the donation page is HERE.

The Changeling says: “Wombats have taught me to share a burrow with other animals who need one.” (During the horrific wildfires in Australia earlier this year, wombats escaped much of the danger due to their burrows, and they tolerated, as they frequently do, the presence of other animals in their burrows, thus allowing many of them to escape danger.)

To win How to Be a Good Creature, please donate to the Turtle Rescue League here in Massachusetts; the donation page is HERE.

Sy Montgomery has been working hands-on with the Turtle Rescue League to help out her turtle friends. She says they’re teaching her “at a time of terrible sickness and sorrow in our country, about the tremendous joy of taking a hand, no matter how small, in mending our broken world.”

Go for it! Look to the future, and win a brilliant book! Donate, then email me your receipt at deborah.furchtgott@gmail.com, mention the charity you chose, the book you want, and I’ll enter you to win!

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