And Then Comes Halloween: Redux

As we creep closer and closer to Hallowe’en, I’m trying to continue to highlight wonderful Hallowe’en books to read with your children of all ages. Today I’m going to focus on the pageantry of Hallowe’en rather than the spooky side. We’ve looked at this book before, And Then Comes Halloweenbut it’s worth bringing back: both for the sake of completeness in this series and for its own sake.

And Then Comes Halloween

I want to highlight a few things about this book. It’s not a storybook, or a spooky book, or a witch or ghost book: it’s really an honest, down-to-the-bones, HALLOWE’EN book. It’s not about acquiring candy, or being scared, or carving pumpkins, much: It’s about preparing for the holiday, being someone else, and investing yourself with Hallowe’enness. I love that, and kids need a book about existing in the Hallowe’en space, both on Hallowe’en and in preparation for Hallowe’en.

Which, to my mind, means: ALL YEAR. Here’s the link to the Candlewick catalogue entry, and the link to my old post.

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