Ghosts in the House!

Let’s get back to Hallowe’en chat with a wonderful little board book for younger Hallowe’en enthusiasts!


I was reminded of Ghosts in the House! by Kazuno Kohara when the owner of my lovely Children’s Book Shop in Brookline said, “Oh, I need to get in that wonderful little board book for Hallowe’en!” and I said, “THAT ONE, YES!” and she said, “Exactly.”

We talked about it in this post, back in 2016, and I still love it today. It lingers on the very brink of potentially being spooky, without ever making that leap. It’s about the domesticity of Hallowe’en and makes you giggle rather than shiver. The ghosts have enormous personality despite never speaking, the witch is clever and practical, and the cat is just a cat. Cats are like that.

Note that Macmillan lists it as being for ages 3-6. You might be thinking, “A board book for a six-year-old? Pshaw!” Please open your mind! This is a brilliant story, and even if your kid’s reading independently, why shouldn’t they enjoy a good board book? My Changeling is reading Ramona and lots of marsupial nonfiction, but I know I plan to pull this out this Hallowe’en for her.

Now, then, my little plea for easy reading is over, and I want to ask what you’re reading for autumn? I’m re-reading Cat Valente’s Fairyland books! I eat them up, I love them so, and they’re perfect for the fall, which is why you should expect a post about them again next week…

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