Stumpkin Redux

I had so much fun talking Hallowe’en yesterday that I want to come back with an older book my daughter and I enjoyed last year! I wrote about it at the time, but it’s worth revisiting and reminding everyone how good it was.


Stumpkin is by the stupendously good Lucy Ruth Cummins. Clever and sweet with a vintage feel, Stumpkin became an instant favourite with both me and my daughter. This is a great book for kids who adore Hallowe’en but aren’t so much with the scary story thing yet.

What I love about it, personally? To me Hallowe’en is all about everyone fitting in. Everyone can be someone else on Hallowe’en. And by being someone else, you can be yourself. And find a place. EVEN A STUMPKIN CAN FIT IN, GET IT? Yes, you get it.

So does Lucy Ruth Cummins, and your kid, reading this story, will get it, too, and feel reassured.

And the art? Warm, timeless, cuddly– it’s so good. If you have a kid (or a neighbour’s kid, or whoever) who feels a little out of place or scared or just needs a tad bit of reassurance, get them this book.

(And a note that Lucy Ruth Cummins also illustrated one of the loveliest recent books I should have reviewed, but somehow haven’t gotten around to? Truman, by Jean Reidy. Get that one, too, while you’re at it– and apologies to both author and illustrator for neglecting to review it yet. I’ll get there! I will!)

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