International Cat Day

Twitter tells me very prominently that today is International Cat Day. This gives me an excuse to boost some truly excellent books we haven’t discussed in a while!

Limited text today– but I’ll give you links!

A Castle Full of Cats by the incredible Ruth Sanderson

Castle Full of Cats

Trina Schart Hyman’s exquisite, cat-heavy, retelling of Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood TSH

The White Cat and the Monk still gives me shivers and smiles in equal measure.

Pangur Ban

And Big Cat, Little Cat still makes me cry! (Sorry, that link is to IndieBound because I can’t find my post quickly enough…)

Big Cat little cat

They All Saw A Cat will change how you look at cats forever…

They All Saw A Cat

And Catwings will change how you look at life, the world, and others (typical Ursula Le Guin!)


And if I Am a Cat doesn’t make you smile, at least once, go to the doctor.

I Am a Cat

What about you? Do you have any International Cat Day plans?

(Every day is Cat Day in our house, so let me diversify by showing you Weo the Wombat, latest denizen of our house, wearing… sunglasses…? Probably better not to ask.)


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