Fundraiser and Giveaway

Hi, everyone! I already gave you a heads-up this was going to happen, but my fundraiser/giveaway for RAICES has just gone live over here:

I give a heartfelt plea over there explaining why I want you to donate to RAICES, but if you’re at this blog already, you probably know why. You know about the inhumane treatment of children and families at the border, you know about kids not being provided with basics like soap and toothbrushes, you know about kids being kept overnight in trucks– I’m going to stop before I upset myself again.

So instead of loading you with stories, I’m here to provide three things you can do!

a) You can donate to RAICES (here’s that link to my fundraiser again) then tell me about it and I’ll enter you into my giveaway. (Details below.)

b) You can, please, share that link with others and ask them to donate. Even if they don’t, you’ve just spread awareness, and that’s amazing. Thank you.

c) RAICES sent me a sheet for writing cards to welcome the folks at the border. It’s so easy to do, fun with kids, and helps to educate kids without overloading them. I did it with my almost-six-year-old and it helped her surmount her fears of the news stories she’d been hearing, we had a great conversation, and she said, “It’s a serious situation. I’m glad we’re helping.” It costs no money, little time, and is a nice thing to do. Email me and I’ll happily share the form!

Now, the giveaway! To thank you all for being so generous, I have an extra special reward.

This fundraiser is going to run from now to my Changeling’s 6th birthday on July 17. If you donate $10 or more by that time, email me at I will enter you in the draw for a SIGNED AND DOODLED copy of The Wall by Peter Sís. (THANK YOU to The Eric Carle Museum for hosting him and letting me pre-order a signed copy!) Here’s a crappy picture of the doodle and signature:


I have exactly one copy. I will choose one of you at random to win this copy. I will mail it to you, anywhere in the world.

I’ve set $10 to be an affordable minimum, but please do remember two things: a) I’ve set the fundraiser goal at $500; b) the average hardcover picture book costs about $18.

Good luck, and thank you for contributing! Email me at with any questions!

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