Help? Help!

Dear readers, this was going to be a sad story, a plea for your help– but don’t worry, it is now a happy story. See these two books?


Do you remember when I wrote briefly about Withering-by-Sea and Wormwood Mire by the very talented Judith Rossell? It was a while back, right over here (scroll down that post).

The third and final book in the series, Wakestone Hall, has just come out in Australia– and won’t be published in the USA!!! I know, I know. You just gasped a little, didn’t you? I’m furiously angry on the author’s behalf, and was positively in throes of agony (“WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?”) on my own account.

I roved all over the internet looking for a way to get this book. Even wouldn’t deliver to me, at any price. I checked out every option I could (seriously, even the Book Depository wouldn’t ship it to me???)– nothing came up. I asked at my local shop and they agreed that the best and cheapest option was for me to fly to Australia and get it myself, but I don’t have time for that until after I’ve finished my dissertation and I don’t want to wait that long to find out how Stella’s story ends.

So. There I was, miserable, heartbroken, when an angel came to the rescue. Her name: Judith Rossell! I had written to her of my despair and inability to find a store which would ship her book to the USA, and she replied very kindly (she’s a lovely person) directing me right here: Boomerang Books!

As she shared with me, I now share with you: If you, too, have been on tenterhooks waiting for the rest of Stella’s story, and if you, too, were heartbroken to find that it’s not coming to the USA– this is how you can get the last book! And I promise you that I’ll do my part; as soon as I’ve received and read the book, I’ll tell you my thoughts. Watch this space!

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