About that contest…

I just wanted to create a separate contest post for easier visibility and to make it easier to share.  And please do share widely!  I want to hear all your bird stories, see your bird pictures, or just chat about apples and robins.

Apples and Robins
Here are the rules:

Write to me at deborah@childrensbookroom.com by Friday, June 17 with a story about a bird near you (it doesn’t have to be a robin– I have a blue jay nesting near me!) for a chance to win a copy of Apples and Robins.  

One submission per person.  One winner.  Deadline is June 17, and I will choose a winner by a random number generator on Monday, June 20.  I’m afraid you do have to be in the USA or Canada.  Apart from that, have fun!  Share widely, and anyone can submit so long as you’re in the USA or Canada.


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