I got a cat

I can’t possibly write anything sensible today, because I just got a cat.  I’d post a picture, but you’d only see the dust under my futon with two points of light peering out, because that’s where the kitty is hidden.  His name is Telemachos, though, because my other kitty’s name is Penelope, and he’s a stripy orange beast.  He’s hiding because he’s very shy and in a new place.  It will take him time to get used to us and come out.  Right now I’m sitting very quietly, typing away in the same room as him, trying to project the right vibes towards him: “I’m OK!  Look!  I’m just sitting here quietly, totally nonthreatening.  I’m just fine.  Don’t worry about me, come on out and explore!”  But if he’s anything like Penelope, it will take him plenty of time to get used to the place and come out, and more time to get used to us and want to play.

And that’s OK.  We all need time to hide and read and have a little quiet space around us to get used to the world.  We need a library.  Right now, Telemachos is in his library.  When he comes out, I’ll be thrilled.  But until he does, that’s where he is, and that’s fine, too.  (When he comes out, I’ll get you a picture, I promise.  The internet loves cat pictures.)

In the meantime, I’ll try to get my brain back in order and come up with a nice book for you.  Right now, all my brain can hear is: “CAT!  I HAVE A NEW CAT!”

Welcome, Telemachos.  Once you get used to us, I think you’ll like it here.  In the meantime, enjoy your library.

Update: Still under the futon, but relaxed enough so I could get this shot:


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